Busy Bunnies Rooms

In the Busy Bunnies room (approximately 2-3 years) the children are at the stage of developing language and social skills and there are a wide range of opportunities for the children to explore, investigate and learn, in a safe stimulating environment.

The children are encouraged to paint, draw and engage in a wide range of creative activities, dance and sing to their hearts content and in quieter moments there is time to look at books; role play, complete jigsaws or construct something new!.

Many children still need to rest or sleep during the day and have their own sleep mats and bedding which are laundered each week.

Outdoors, strength and physical skills are developed through use of hoops, balls, etc or using our range of trikes, slides and climbing frames and the nearby Scout Hall is used weekly for sports skills and general fun. The Mud Kitchen is a great attraction and encourages curiosity and exploration using their vivid imaginations to create different scenarios. When possible the children also venture further afield on number walks, visit the horses or play in the local park.

Toilet training is something to be expected at this age and once a child is ready we work closely with parents to provide positive encouragement and praise as children progress with this next stage of their independence.

The staff to child ratio is one:five in this room and when joining the nursery your child will have the support of a key worker who will be the primary carer and the main liaison person for parents.