Fees & Information

Fees reflect the high quality childcare provision provided by the nursery and enable us to reward our experienced staff team for the excellent role they play in nurturing and developing the children.

Our fees include breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks (as relevant). A freshly prepared, nutritious 2 course lunch is available at £1.80 per day.

Half Day Session times are from 7.30 am - 12.30 and 1.00 - 6.00 pm.  We also try and support parents with flexible working patterns - and offer mini days and flexible term time options (as available)

A Sibling discount of 10% is offered for the eldest child. The nursery only closes for Easter Monday and one week at Christmas; providing a year round service.

Abbey Nursery is in partnership with Renfrewshire Council and Parents can use their 600 Hours entitlement at the nursery to cover all or some of their childcare needs. The nursery can also provide eligible 2 year old places and will be providing 1140 Hours entitlement from August 2020.

Fees can be paid by BACS ; Childcare Vouchers or Government Child Choices payments.


full time

Little Ladybirds
£200.00 Per Week

Busy Bunnies & Grasshoppers Playrooms
£195.00 Per Week


full day

Little Ladybirds
£43.00 Per Day

Busy Bunnies & Grasshoppers Playrooms
£42.00 Per Day



Little Ladybirds
£25.00 Per Session

Busy Bunnies & Grasshoppers Playrooms
£24.00 Per Session