Settling in

To help your child feel less apprehensive about their first day at nursery, we will arrange a 'settling-in' period with you, a week or two beforehand and this will be planned with you from a couple of hours, half a day, or a few short visits over time.  We have a comfortable and convenient Parents Room at the nursery so you can be close by and get regular 'updates' from the staff  who will be ready to give your child plenty of care and attention to ensure that they are feeling secure and safe on your departure.

Once your child has started at nursery you are welcome to call us at any time during the day for an update about how your child is doing and when you return you will be given written and verbal feedback on their activities, lunch and general participation.



Julie is our highly qualified and experienced Cook who prepares the lunch daily on the premises; ensuring it is fresh, nutritious and very tasty! Dietary and cultural requirements are taken into consideration and systems are in place to ensure all staff are made aware of children’s allergies. Staff join children at lunch to create a relaxed and social occasion.

Fresh fruit is included every day and milk and water offered in plentiful supply. The Menu changes on a four week cycle and is displayed in your child’s room. Should we need to adjust the menu on a particular day for any reason we will let you know when you collect your child.


Good meals, healthy snacks and lots of outdoor play is superb for my child.

Sarah, Houston




Abbey Nursery only closes for a limited number of public holidays; Easter Monday and one week at Christmas and these are taken into consideration when calculating the fees over 51 weeks of the year. Each month you will receive an invoice for your monthly fees (due in advance) which will detail all charges and any discounts or eligible early years funding.

Additional ‘ad hoc’ sessions can be arranged with the playroom subject to availability and can be very helpful for those emergency situations.